Jesse Gross Photography


Jesse Gross is here to stay with camera in hand. With what started as a general interest in photography coupled with an artistic eye has quickly become much more. Driven to advance a new talent to provide a medium in which to share his "vision" of that perfect moment frozen in time, JGP quickly found itself receiving recognition as being an intriguing new comer to the Maryland, Virginia, and District of Columbia areas and now newly located in Raleigh, NC.

With a mixture of various experience in the visual arts, and a natural proficiency for technology it would seem Jesse was destined for the art of photography. Whether it be capturing a beautiful landscape scene or a portraiture for a client, JGP's love and dedication to the art ensures the same admired results and style in every shot.

Armed with creativity and passion Jesse has been able to produce exquisite and enchanting images. By dedication and the presence of beauty and interest in every image, the journey of this artist can only seem to be limitless.